2010: Going Beta

So, it's a new year. A new decade even.

Like many designers (what's that joke about carpenters and their houses again?) my own website stood through most of 2009 sadly neglected as a front page and some blog entries.

Old home page

Then it broke, so even the blog entries weren't that great any more!

 Something had to be done.

Luckily, I found out about a great iniative called Project 52 - 52 weeks, 52 posts (at least). Think of it like a running group for bloggers. Of course, I wasn't going to keep posting on my terrible old site (which needed to have its hosting changed anyway), so this, along with the well-timed NZ Christmas break (and a several months of learning Drupal over the shoulder of a great designer/developer) meant that I could get it going.

Speaking of breaks:

 Arrgh! Issues!

There's nothing worse than having annoying issues on your site. (For the record, my issues started with the hosting – GoDaddy's tricky account setup meant that I uploaded everything to an ad-showing server and had to start again!). That said, there's nothing like having a live issue to make you sort it out. So, I apologise for any bugs right now, but I'd rather have the site up with bugs than not at all. Call it working in beta. Watch this space.



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